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Tank Tool

Tank Tool

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No more broken or damaged air tank regulators or damaged seals in your marker. The Patent Pending Tank Tool seamlessly vents the air in your tank while also allowing for safe and damage-free removal of your regulator.

Why risk damaging your regulator by slamming it against a hard surface to remove it, or risk a leak in your marker by draining out your tank through your gun? Use the Tank Tool for the fastest, safest, and most effective way to remove and service your tank reg.


  • Drain all air from your compressed gas cylinder by threading in the tank threads into the Tank Pressure Release cavity.
  • Confirm that no pressure is present in the cylinder, pressure gauge reads zero psi, and you can easily press the tank pin with your finger with no air releasing.
  • Insert fill reg nipple removal slot over the tank fill nipple and rotate by hand, DO NOT APPLY FORCE WITH ANY OBJECT TO THE TANK TOOL AT ANY TIME. DO NOT STRIKE WITH OBJECT, USE BY HAND ONLY.
  • Slowly remove tank regulator by threading counter clockwise

Disclaimer: The Tank Tool is not a toy. Please advise prior to use that all air should be vented from your air tank and zero psi should remain into tank prior to removal of any air tank regulator. Use at your own risk and follow all instructions for proper use. Always wear proper eye protection and hand protection when using the Tank Tool to prevent injury. Never apply force with any object or strike the Tank Tool with any object to attempt to remove your regulator.

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